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Free Shipping

Free Shipping on Every Order!

It doesn’t matter if you order 1 item or 100 from us, every order ships completely free, always! We want to offer our customers the best shopping experience and best prices available so all of our products ship directly from their manufacturers. Many of our product suppliers are located in Asia so most orders take between 20 and 30 days to arrive, and occasionally may take a bit longer. This ensures we can sell everything for the lowest prices possible!

Where Countries Do We Ship To?

We only ship to the USA.

How Long Does Shipping Take?
Our 30-Day Standard Free Shipping can take anywhere from 20-40 days to arrive. Most orders arrive in around 4 weeks.

Can I Pay More For Expedited Shipping?
No. Right now we only offer Free 30-Day Shipping on everything we sell.

I Ordered Several Items But Only One Arrived, Whats Going On?
This is completely normal. Each manufacturer we deal with ships their items separately. So sometimes when you order various items at once, they may arrive at different times and in different packages.